M2 - Mathématiques Fondamentales - 2020-2021- anglais

M2 - Fundamental Mathematics - 2020-2021


During the academic year 2020-21, the focus of the Master programme in fundamental mathematics in Marseille will be Dynamical Systems and Applications.


First day of class: september 09th 02pm, Frumam, campus Saint Charles.                                  

This page contains the following:

  • A description of the overall theme of the Master programme
  • The intended lecture courses
  • Schedule
  • Perspectives
  • How to register
  • The description of a Master Class
  • How to contact us


The courses of the academic year 2020-21 will focus on dynamical systems. A brief description of this topic can be found at



The program during the academic year will consist of

  • a) two weeks of an intense programme, consisting of three courses of 10 hours each:
    • Combinatorics of words. Anna Frid.
    • Foundations of ergodic theory. Serge Troubetzkoy
    • Hyperboic geometry. Frédéric Palesi.
  • b) A first seemster consisting of the following courses, 25 hours each:
  • Symbolic dynamics. Nicolas Bédaride
  • Groups and dynamics. Thierry Coulbois, Arnaud Hilion.
  • Hamiltonian systems. Philippe Bolle, Andréa Venturelli.
  • c) A second semester consisting of three courses of 25 hours each
    • Interval exchange transformations and Teichmüller spaces. Pierre Arnoux et Pascal Hubert.
    • Groups and dynamics. Peter Haissinsky.
    • Holomorphic dynamics. Dierk Schleicher.
  • d) A Master thesis. Supervised by a professor and/or researcher, each student will work on a research project on a specialization topic of their choice. This work will lead to a written Master thesis and it will be presented in a seminar.
  • e) Additional parts:

a student seminar: from September on, each week there will be a presentation by either a student in the program, or a member of the research group, on a topic that is related to the themes of the programme.

There will be opportunities to take language classes in French and/or in English, depending on needs.

Schedule: see the document at the bottom



The principal goal of the Master Programme is to educate future PhD students in mathematics. A certain number of PhD fellowships will be offered, depending on academic merits, upon completion of the Master programme. In addition, we will point out career opportunities in further directions such as industry and teaching.


Registration and fellowhips

We expect to be able to offer fellowships to finance students from abroad, as well as from Aix-Marseille University. Apply for this fellowships via http://labex-archimede.univ-amu.fr/fr/ following the instructions on that site (we ask for a CV, transcripts from your previous Bachelor and possibly first year Master education, motivation letter, two letters of recommendation (preferably at least one from the most recent year of education). In order to register, please consult the following web site: https://sciences.univ-amu.fr/admissions.

The registration for the Master programme is independent from the application for a fellowship.

Note for international applicants: we understand that in different countries and environments, the side conditions of the academic education may be different. We will try to accommodate different backgrounds. Moreover, some university websites are in French; please contact us in case of difficulties.


Master Class: see this web site: unfortunately, this class had to be cancelled for reasons of the Corona virus. We will try to incorporate the intended Master Class into the academic year.


Responsible: Nicolas Bédaride. nicolas.bedaride@univ-amu.fr