Campus France

Frequently asked questions about Campus France procedure for the Master Mathématiques et Applications.

1. The Master seems to be closed on Campus France. Why ?

The Faculty of Sciences has several Campus. You must choose:

  • campus Marseille Etoile (Château-Gombert) or Luminy for M1
  • campus Marseille Etoile (Château-Gombert) for M2 "Mathématiques Fondamentales" or  "Mathématiques Appliquées CEPS"
  • campus Luminy for M2 "Informatique et Mathématiques discrètes"

2. What should contain the letter joined to the application ?

We advise you to mention:

  • the courses you have attended and the level obtained in mathematics
  • the track you are interested in: "Mathématiques Fondamentales", "Mathématiques Appliquées CEPS" or "Informatique et Mathématiques discrètes"
  • your perspectives: areas for future job, PhD...

3. Should I apply in M1 (first year) or M2 (second year) ?

This depends on your level in Mathematics obtained in your past studies. It can be a good option to apply for M1 in order to reinforce your background in Mathematics.

4. What will be the tuition fees ?

Our university has decided not to apply the increase of tuition fees. You will pay the same fees as french or european students.