Student seminar

Student seminar organised by Nicolas Bédaride and Lionel Nguyen Van Thé: Friday morning at 09h am, Frumam.

List of subjects linked to the courses of the M2.


  • Perron Frobenius theorem N. Bédaride: 0ctober 02th. Jean Jacques Brahim
  • Free group and SL_n(Z): Th. Coulbois, A. Hilion: October 16th: Nicolas Bitar.
  • Banach Tarski paradox: L. Nguyen Van Thé. October 23th. Nikolai Prochorov.
  • Continued fractions and modular surface: F. Palesi. November 06th. Rahul Dutta
  • Sturmian sequences. A. Frid. November 13th. Iryna Feysenko.
  • Amenability of groups: L. Nguyen Van Thé. November 20th Océane Borel.
  • Hamiltonian dynamics (one of the 3 subjects): Ph. Bolle+A. Venturelli. November 27th. Abdallah Kabalan.
  • Braid groups. Th. Coulbois. December 04th: Ulysse Remfort.


Second semester

  • Complexity of sturmian words.  February 12th. Océane Borel.
  • Sturmian words, artcile Arnoux-Ferenczi-Hubert February 19th, Ulysse Remfort.
  •  Convergence groups. February 19th. Nicolas Bitar
  • . Iterated Monodromy Groups for polynomial and transcendental mappings. February 26th. Nikolai Prochorov
  • Playing pool with pi February 26th Iryna Fesenko
  •  Absence of mixing for interval translation mapping. March 12th Rahul Dutta